Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller: The Keynote Speaker at the Multi National Business Conference

Jamaican PM, Portia Simpson-Miller Jamaica’s current Prime Minister, Portia Simpson Miller is the only woman to have headed a Jamaican government. She has a deep understanding of the economic and social issues in Jamaica. At the Conference in Montego Bay in 2010, the Prime Minister, along with former Prime Minister, P.J. Patterson, spoke about the importance of investment, trade and regionalism. Now, Portia Simpson-Miller will address the 17th Annual Business Conference in Jamaica this November.

Karl Rodney, publisher of Carib News claims “As one of the prominent Caribbean leaders, Ms. Simpson-Miller can be expected to offer business executives and owners from all over the U.S. and the Caribbean her views on ways to boost international trade between the Caribbean and North America and the opening of new business opportunities for the Caribbean Diaspora.”

Some highly successful corporate executives from the U.S. are expected to join their Jamaican and Caribbean counterparts at panel discussions and private meetings to explore opportunities for doing business. Over 120 executives of international, national and local firms from both regions, as well as elected officials in the state and local government legislatures and councils, are to participate in sessions.

Additional business and community leaders expected to participate in the conference include: Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations; Reverend Andrew Young; former editor and publisher of Essence Magazine, Susan Taylor; until recently, NBC Universal’s chief diversity officer and one of the high-ranking television executives, Paula Madison; and Macy’s Senior Vice President, Ed Goldberg.

New York Carib News is organizing this conference. Mr. Rodney states:

“It’s a time of business opportunities and entrepreneurs must explore ways to take advantage of them. Jamaica, like many Caribbean countries, has experienced growth in tourism and in recent times, manufacturing, agriculture, construction and a variety of other sectors. Jamaica is well-placed to attract new investment in a variety of areas.

“Unfortunately, the vigorous recovery has not materialized and we are looking forward to the Prime Minister and the vision she has for her country and its neighbors at this time.”

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